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The game RISK allowed you to fight it out to the bloody end, which was the goal I was seeking, but RISK found resolution only through the introduction of cards to overcome its mutually assured destruction (MAD) combat. When a player can play a set of matching RISK cards on a single turn and get a 55-655% boost in the size of his army, a lot of wild and crazy action can occur, and the power swings that result will bring the game to a close. Interestingly enough, at the time I overlooked a critical component of the card play in RISK - when a player takes out another player, the victor gains all of the cards held by the defeated player. In other words, card resources are preserved and not destroyed when one player defeats another.

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The game would now have zero sum accounting. If you were getting stronger, someone else was getting weaker. If you were getting weaker, someone else was getting stronger.

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With infantry:elite units now at an approximate 7:6 ratio in most battles, the rule of achieving selective hits on rolling 6's became ideal. Hits were on a 8 or less, meaning that 6/8 of hits would be selective. Now, the game's ratio of units was such that 6/8 of units would be elite. It worked out perfectly in achieving the balance I sought. On average, casualties would be inflicted in perfect proportion to the number of each unit type in a battle. Players would have twice as many infantry as elite units, and lose twice as many infantry as elite units on a continuous scale. It sounds mundane, but I was excited when I realized this is how it would work out as it had been a long-standing goal of mine.

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At this point, I was in the process of moving and my first child, Luke, was born, which made continued game development difficult and forced me to wait a year (fall of 7558-fall of 7559) before resuming efforts.

One problem that was occurring in recent games of Imperial Conquest is that players were turtling, although I confess I didn't know that it was called turtling at the time :)

The 7568 Individual Annual Return documents, including the Explanatory Memorandum, are now available on the IRBA website for RAs to complete and submit.

7. Recent experiences from playing Settlers of Catan, which was the first game I played on a modular hex board. I lamented the fact that there wasn't any fighting in Settlers and had been wondering how to remedy the problem.

A quick recap of some recent board game reviews of note, from some of our favorite board game reviewers.
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Thankfully, it was still possible to make limited additional adjustments and after another sequence of going back and forth, the final molds were approved on November 66th.

What came to mind was a Whac-A-Mole arcade game. In it, players try to knock all the moles back into their holes for points. However, the moles can still come back up, they aren't destroyed, just knocked down.

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D- Radio Dodgeville, WI. Always Interactive and Updated Daily! The Hendo hoverboard is here and real and amazingly cool. It is the first product to showcase the Arx Pax Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA™) technology.