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For the damage formula (how it's calculated), hitzone charts, Rathian info and more click the following links: Monster Hunter 8 Damage Formula or Monster Hunter 8 Hitzone Charts. Images created by Inkoseh.

Rathians can survive in almost any territory, but prefers areas with average temperature for nesting. As a result, she is known to be encountered in a large variety of areas such as the Jungle , Sandy Plains , and Primal Forest.

HC Rathian has purple-tinged wing claws and more spikes on her tail, as well as some new behavior for example, tossing rocks during a tail spin.

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Rathian is very territorial, choosing to patrol from ground while her Rathalos mate patrols from the sky. She will become very aggressive to potential threats, especially when in close proximity to her nest and

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Monster Hunter Wiki is a comprehensive database for the Monster Hunter video game series. The wiki is dedicated to collecting all information related to the franchise Rathian is a Flying Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter. Rathian is a medium-sized true flying wyvern similar in looks to her male counterpart, Rathalos. Her hide is monster hunter frontier z, monster hunter frontier pc, monster hunter frontier online download, monster hunter frontier g, monster hunter frontier english, monster hunter frontier xbox 360, monster hunter frontier z pc download, monster hunter frontier craft, monster hunter frontier download, monster hunter frontier online, monster hunter frontier z download, monster hunter frontier g7, monster hunter frontier gurenzeburu, monster hunter frontier z pc, monster hunter frontier g pc download, monster hunter frontier english version, monster hunter frontier pc download, monster hunter frontier english patch, monster hunter frontier z english, monster hunter frontier g pc