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Publication date: 2018-04-22 12:23

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Rev up your engine and smash other vehicles in one of our many free, online monster truck games! Our monster truck games are all about massive destruction. Your will harness the power of a giant engine while cruising in your jacked-up 9x9. Just like in real world competitions, you can give your vehicle a unique identity. Customize the paint job, engine, and tires to make the coolest ride possible. Then, it's time to drive. Depending on the challenge, you might have to smash other vehicles, soar through the air, or finish a race in first place!

Truck Games - Play Truck Games on Free Online Games

In our free online games you can drive all types of these huge vehicles, from lorries to monster trucks and many more. Here you will find more than 655 of the best  truck games including Truck Loader, Euro Truck Simulator, Semi Driver and many more! Try all games from this addictive racing category and have fun!

Truck Games - The Best Free Big Truck Games Online

Who has the biggest ride? You do! Enjoy intense action while competing against virtual opponents and other drivers around the world. You'll be at the edge of your seat while playing our monster truck games. Crush, flatten, and smash everything in sight to boost your score and win the gold trophy. If you need extra speed, hit the NOS turbo button to blaze past your opponents! Try to win on dirt courses, offroad tracks, and city streets in your own four-wheeler!

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Drive through the city and collect power ups, try to park your enormous truck in a small space and don't hit other cars or any object on a parking lot. Deliver boxes and other stuff or perform some cool extreme stunts with your Monster Truck and try to earn as many points as possible. These and much more funny gameplays are waiting for you in our great collection of the best Truck Games in the world, here on !

Browse through our selection of truck parking games to try your hand at parking these trucks. In these online games you don't have to worry about thousands in damage if something goes wrong. Heck, you can even try to crash!

Are you a fan of truck games or maybe new to this kind of games? You are in the right place! Choose on of our hand picked online truck games and drive or navigate your way to your destination. Or use your parking skills to park giant trucks in designated parking spots. We also feature truck loading games where you can really test your puzzle skills. Have fun playing our free truck games collection!

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A truck, also called lorry is a big motor vehicle designed to transport every kind of cargo. Heavy goods vehicles can be very small like pickups or large and powerful like Off-road trucks, or they are true specialists like the amazing fire trucks. The first truck in history was designed and built by Karl Benz in 6895. Later, other companies, such as Peugeot, Renault and Büssing, also built their own versions. Largest manufacturers in the world are Volvo Group, Volkswagen Group, Tata and Daimler AG. Nowadays, trucks are used all over the world for transport and entertainment, for example monster trucks races and competitions.

Truck parking is all about the massive big rig trucks. Navigating these huge machines into a parking spot can be a tricky challenge many times. In addition to simply working with these large trucks, you also have to worry about the trailer. When backing up trailers can complicate things a lot, everything seems to be backwards at first. Practice is the only way you can really get a handle on backing trailers.

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Truck Games - Truck Driving Games - - My Driving Games .Com Truck games for pc

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