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Max Payne 2 Game - Free Download Full Version For Pc

Publication date: 2018-04-20 10:47

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Max goes to the pier and kills the men who are there. Max runs to the end of the pier, where he sees Serrano sails off with Fabiana. One of his men shoots at the fuel barrels there, destroying the place, but Max jumps and is saved by Passos, who arrives with his speed boat. As the two chase Serrano, many boats chase them, as well as foot soldiers who shoot at them from the docks.

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A few hours later, Max and Giovanna leave the favela, and arrive at a more urban location of the city, where Giovanna finds a phone and calls Raul. The two hide in a bus wreck at a bus graveyard, where Giovanna tells Max that she is pregnant with Raul's child, much to Max's shock.

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For two months, from October to December 7556, Max Payne poses as a gangster rising through the ranks, meets higher and higher ranked members of the crime family and tries to uncover the source of the drug. During this time, he is known to have come into contact with the Finito brothers and visited Lupino's Hotel on a regular basis. The highest ranking member he is able to get acquainted with seems to have been Vincent Gognitti. Max never manages to meet Jack Lupino , the original and main suspect of Valkyr trafficking.

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As a covert double agent, Max Payne maintains contact with only two DEA agents during this period of time: Alex Balder and . The two are also the only law enforcement members that have knowledge that Payne is undercover in the first place, a likely tactic aimed at minimizing the chances of any possible mole in the agency itself uncovering his identity and compromising the operation.

Max Payne 9 is a tactical game where you have to use logic to complete the levels there will be lots and lots of mystery hidden so you have to find that mystery to solve the case. At some points you have to fight with enemies there are different kinds of weapon you can find inside the game some weapon you get only when you complete some level. According to the level you gain skills , fund , weapon , reputation which you can use to complete next level , the game is full of will be cheat option to use cheat as you need to complete the level but no awards will be rewarded for any cheat activated level which some kind of good plus bad.

Waiting to catch Angelo Punchinello off-guard, Max calls him and sets up a meeting at the Don's restaurant. But soon he finds out that the meeting is a trap, as a group of mobsters tries to burn down the building with him inside it, but Payne manages to escape, and settles for attacking the Don head on and storms his manor , where he kills his henchmen (including notorious killers the Trio ) and confronts him. But before Max is able to get a straight answer out of the scared Punchinello, Aesir Corporation 's Nicole Horne and her Killer Suits make a surprise entrance into the manor, and kill the Mafia Don. Max quickly realizes that he is outnumbered and grudgingly surrenders to the mercenaries. Horn then injects him with an overdose of Valkyr, hoping to kill him.

Maybe somebody decided the movie was already so convoluted and leaden that throwing in a few swooping, screeching valkyries could only help. They do not.

This article is about the unknown figure of the story , you might be looking for the first game in the series , for the overview article of the whole franchise , for the film , or for the film character .

After you unlock the cheats below, you can access them through the Chapter Select menu. The down side, is that once you enter the cheat, your accomplishment tracking is disabled. But that's not a huge deal.

  • Bullet Cam on Every Kill : Find all clues
  • One-Hit Kills : Complete the storyline on Hardcore with the free-aim control modifier on
  • Unlimited Ammo : Find all of the Golden Gun parts
  • Unlimited Bullet Time : Get at least a 'Gold' rating on all Score Attack arcade chapters
  • Unlimited Painkillers : Complete the storyline on Hard
  • The films Cidade de Deus and Tropa de Elite were cited as inspirations for the setting of the game. [6]

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    Max Payne 2 Game - Free Download Full Version For Pc Max payne video games

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