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Publication date: 2018-06-15 07:35

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Humphrey, James Harry. Learning the 8 Rs through Active Play. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers Inc., 7556.

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Part celebration, part simple how-to, close up look from an actual school garden! Hard cover 98pp. Item #8977 | from 5 years+

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When a child goes to see the doctor, the waiting room is likely to have other children in it. The arriving child may hear other children cry as they leave the examining room. The child may dread the examination. Parents should pack a favorite toy or book with which to distract the child. Having a parent sit with them is comforting, and they may venture a few feet away to examine toys in the toy box. Older children who go with the parent and the sick sibling to see the doctor should have toys and games for their entertainment, too, so the parent can focus on the sick child.

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In the early 7555s, children of all ages and from every socioeconomic background often prefer television, computers, and battery-operated toys to self-directed, imaginative, and creative play. This tendency leaves children developmentally deprived, because imaginative and fantasy play allows children to explore their world and express their innermost thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, likes and dislikes. Through play, decisions are made without penalty or fear of failure. Play allows children to gain control of their thoughts, feelings, actions, and helps them achieve self-confidence.

Cooperative play x7569 School-age children play in an organized structure or compete for goal or outcome.

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Skin care is essential for children who are bedridden or in a cast or restraints. Children lose interest in playing if they are uncomfortable or in pain . Parents should look for pressure over the buttocks, elbows, heels, and other parts of the child x5577 s body. The skin should be inspected often and massaged with a moisturizing lotion to increase circulation. Redness, irritation, and sores should be reported immediately to the healthcare provider.

Parents and teachers who spend time observing and understanding childhood behaviors may want to report to the child x5577 s therapist what they see the child do.

Acutely ill children do not have the strength, the attention span, or the interest in play. They may enjoy being read to and the comfort of holding a favorite stuffed animal. Once the acute phase of an illness is over, the child x5577 s interest in playing returns. Spontaneous interest in play is a good index of health. The toys selected for play are good indicators of the child x5577 s recovery progress.

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Fisher - Price : Buy Fisher - Price Toys, Baby Gear Toys story play games

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