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The Lords of Midnight - The Midnight Chronicles

Publication date: 2018-05-18 21:59

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It&rsquo s touted as the most secure Android phone, pre-loaded with smart, enterprise-level mobile software and, at last, delivers an old-school physical keyboard within a modern enough stainless steel and faux-leather design.

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It feels like a -inch display thanks to its familiar 8-inch width, and we wouldn&rsquo t want it much longer. Anything taller would make this already 685g phone feel top-heavy when holding the very bottom of the keyboard.

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There's no upside to the mono speaker on the bottom frame. It helps no one &ndash on-the-go entertainment seekers and business speakerphone devotees alike.

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Blackberry KeyOne has three-word suggestions across the bottom of the touchscreen as part of its contextual next word prediction engine. It&rsquo s smart, but doesn't have punctuation predictions or, like iOS 65 , emoji predictions. That&rsquo s too fun for a BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Messenger is viable messaging app, but hardly the best. We liked the Time and Retract feature (Snapchat for grown ups), but were less impressed by its sponsored ads and lack of a desktop companion app. This is an enterprise phone, right?

You can, however, select a suggested word without ever lifting your thumbs from the keyboard. Just slide up on the keys and it&rsquo ll almost flick the word right onto the screen. It works most of the time and feels faster than tapping one of the on-screen choices.

How to update to BlackBerry When the update becomes available on your carrier, here’s how you can update for free:

Its -inch Full HD screen is misshapen, with one third of the phone real estate taken up by non-screen parts: keyboard, capacitive buttons and front camera.

Like I mentioned upfront, this will start rolling out shortly and will depend on your carrier and region. Again, updating is free and easy to do:

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The Lords of Midnight - The Midnight Chronicles Blackberry games for mobile

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