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Steam canning is a method in home canning in which filled jars are processed in an enclosed pot using the heat of steam to do the processing.

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The experts who studied the process at the University of Wisconsin and the National Center for Home Food Preservation identified no downside.

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It 8767 s Dr Barb Ingham who did the research, information on how to contact her is here: https:///faculty/inghamb/

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Note that Utah 8767 s advice ended up being a bit more restrictive than the guidelines which were to end up being announced later that year in June. But perhaps because Utah State was already tainted by the controversy, their announcement didn 8767 t seem to bear much weight, anyway.

We suppose the only downside is that steam canning does require a pot specially adapted for it, whereas water bathing could be done in any pot that you can jerry rig a bottom rack for.

Victorio steam canner multi-use model VKP6695. Made of aluminum. Has concentric rings on bottom so cannot be used on any smooth top stoves. Does both steam canning and water bath processing.

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Interest in steam canners was reborn in the 6975s, during America 8767 s first energy crisis. To test the market, a few steam canners were advertised on the market again. Consequently, 8775 in the 6975s there was some research into steam canning and low water level water baths (where the water didn 8767 t cover the lids) because the first energy crisis had hit and there were concerns about how much energy pressure canning used, but the research was never completed. 8776   69

Hi Julie. Two part answer. Processing time for anything in home canning must always be continuous, never interrupted or stopped and restarted, so no, you couldn 8767 t run the program twice. Secondly, only actual proper canners were tested and approved. There would be a whole host of issues with steam in a home oven space. If you wanted to you could contact the original researchers at Wisconsin and ask them, but I 8767 m pretty sure they would have a bird and have to reach for the smelling salts even at the mere question :} Sounds like a fantastic oven for cooking though, for sure hope you are enjoying it!

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