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Publication date: 2018-04-22 16:23

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Isn 8767 t the fact this is a college cafeteria pretty self-selecting for the non-bully type: even school bullies who go to college pretty rapidly adopt a different mode of demonstrating status when the fact their behaviour is unacceptable becomes obvious. I doubt the same social constraints apply amongst poor people, at least some of whom are poor due to the fact their social skills are less developed.

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Yes, in theory poor people could make a cost-benefit calculation and rationally decide that they 8767 d better having their soda and cutting their their sugar intake on Twinkies or just having more sugar and accept the increased risk of obesity. In practice, if they were able to do this calculation properly, they would be probably trading stocks on Wall Street rather than depending on the state for their food.

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If wealth in developed societies is mostly determined by intelligence, broadly defined as the ability to make good choices, wouldn’t be often in the interest of poor people to have their choices restricted by a paternalistic entity such as the state?

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We desperately need other individuals in government agencies and the US military to follow Kevin s lead. All of us are essential in the battle to help wake the masses to the truth so that the whistleblowers have the support they need to come forward. If we have any chance of stopping the completely out of control criminal cabal that currently runs our country and much of the world, we must all make our voices heard , we must all join the fight for the greater good.

We could imagine the actual Han Feizi saying something like this — he’d mumble something about action through inaction, let’s say (he was aware of Laozi, after all), but tell the king to have well-defined incentive structures and ensure that no word leaks downward about them (he was aware of Goodhart’s Law, after all), and kill anyone whose performance isn’t up to par

Imagine a hypothetical person who only makes the exact amount of money it takes to afford water, a roof, a cot, and enough soylent drink to keep them alive. It is both true that this person is not starving AND that giving them free food / food vouchers would greatly improve their life.

Governments simply don 8767 t have to do this. Votes are worthless on margin, and so people throw them away on obvious warmongers and lunatics and idiots and charismatic farm-girl types. percent of our government isn 8767 t elected in the first place anyway. There 8767 s nothing a citizen can do to effectively convey to a bureaucrat with a job for life that he 8767 s unsatisfied with the service they 8767 re providing, short of terrorism. You have no voice when it comes to most of what the government does. If you decide not use the government 8767 s service, it 8767 s no skin off their nose, because they get your money anyway, at gunpoint.

Yes, the destination is real but what vehicle are you going to use to get there? What does their system have, that ours doesn 8767 t, which avoids the pitfalls?

Reagan took office and pledged to reverse the trend toward big government and to rejuvenate the economy, based on the theory that cutting taxes would stimulate so much growth that tax revenues would actually rise. In May 6986, two months after there…

7: 8775 Harmful 8776 ? how? in insuring that poor kids can actually get a decent education? In allowing parents to decide how their children will be indoctrinated, rather than letting the NEA decide?

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