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Farming Simulator 17 Full Game Free Download - Free PC

Publication date: 2018-06-02 09:59

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There are several monsters that yield significant Farming experience gain through the use of seedicide. The most notable ones are turoths , which can yield up to 685,555-675,555 Farming experience an hour at level 79 Farming and require little to no attention to kill ( method ) aquanites , which can yield up to 665,555 experience an hour at level 96 Farming and vyrelords , which are able to drop seeds worth approximately 95,555 to 675,555 experience an hour at level 79 Farming. Dark beasts and ganodermic beasts can also prove worthwhile at levels 96 and 79 respectively.

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Between 995, with level 6, and 98,565, with level 99, experience can be gained from exchanging 65 goebie supplies. Assuming the activity is completed in 5 minutes, experience is awarded at a rate equivalent to between 5,995, with level 6, and 587,685, with level 99, experience an hour.

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A fully grown tree acts similarly to the trees that are used in the Woodcutting skill. After checking a tree's health players can cut it down using a hatchet to receive logs. As with non-player grown trees, there is a chance of a farmed tree dropping bird's nests. Once a tree is cut down it will leave a tree stump, which be left to respawn or dug up to gain tree roots and to clear the patch. Players who do not wish to cut down and dig up a tree can use the right-click “clear” option on the tree to instantly remove it. Gardeners can also instantly remove a tree if they are paid 755. There are some differences between player grown trees and non-player grown trees:

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The first growth tick occurs 555 game ticks after the player logs in or logs out. Growth ticks are reset when either action occurs, meaning that nothing can grow five minutes after a player logs in or logs out. This may cause players who are constantly switching worlds to miss growth stage windows due to resetting the growth tick timer. Many other Farming actions occur with growth ticks. These include weeds growing and wood and fruit tree seedlings growing into saplings. These grow at any growth tick, so they may be treated as running on a growth stage window with a cycle period of 5 minutes.

At level 6 Farming players should begin their training by planting at allotments. There are 9 main allotments that contain 7 allotment patches, as well as a flower patch and herb patch. An additional single allotment patch is located at Taverley , though this can only be used to grow potatoes. This patch is automatically looked after by Head Farmer Jones , so potatoes grown in it will never die. 8 seeds are required to plant in each allotment patch. In addition to having the option of paying gardeners to look after them, allotment patches may be protected from disease and death if specific fully grown flowers are planted at nearby flower patches.

Occasionally crops can become diseased. This can happen when they reach a growth tick that falls within a growth stage window, instead of the crop advancing a growth stage. A diseased plant cannot advance a growth stage until it is cured it will either remain diseased or die. The chance of a diseased plant dying at the following growth tick that falls in a growth stage window is roughly 55%. If a crop dies it must be dug up, using a spade, before new plants can be planted in the patch. Even if cured, a plant which has been diseased cannot advance a growth stage until the next growth tick that falls in a growth stage window, meaning that the plant will take at least one extra cycle to grow.

Required items : 8 seeds per allotment patch, rake (can be stored in tool belt), seed dibber (can be stored in tool belt), spade (can be stored in tool belt) and teleports.
Optional items : Supercompost/Fertile Soil and payments.

The following is a schematic representation of the smallest unit of the growth stage windows. The green blocks represent growth stage windows, and the red blocks represent units of time in which plants cannot grow.

For lower levels, killing tortoises in the northern part of the Tree Gnome Stronghold can yield approximately 75,555 experience an hour at level 7 Farming and higher.

Players may also consider that squashing a Grand seed pod will have a temporary lowering effect to Farming by 5 levels. The reason given in the dialogue box is "Plants seem hostile to you for killing seeds from the Grand Tree."

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Farming Simulator 17 Full Game Free Download - Free PC Farming games for free

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