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OMG I was just saying that to
My bestie a few days ago they prance
Around with there faces painted looking like Ronald McDonald on crack and the reason they make them look like that is for pervert men to play
With there selves and have urges to little girls that’s what happened to that little girl who’s parents painted her face and entered her in a beauty contest next thing you know she’s dead they should really take this trash
off the disney channel there is no way in hell i’ll ever let my daughter watch this trash

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[ ] my well-known hatred of Disney’s Sofia the First and the illogical idiocy of the Bubble Guppies, you might assume I have some vendetta against the [ ]

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I agree that Amber is definitely the worst character on this show. They try and pass her off as a reformed character while at the same time acting like she can get away with treating the other kids like dirt. She 8767 s even a complete jerk to her own step-sister who sometimes has to unfairly take the blame for her sister 8767 s cruelty.

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Um, to the dude with no kids, never wants them, and downright just hates the fuck are you even watching, and apparently looking up, Sofia the First Your dislike of children is sick and goes far beyond a 8775 rant 8776 about Sofia the First get some therapy dude, cause you got issues!

Simon, I have no idea what Studio Ghibli is. I 8767 ve tried to get my kids into the Star Wars cartoon, not interested. They dig superheroes and, unfortunately, the little one loves the Power Rangers. I fucking hate the Power Rangers.

Hey Taya! Glad you can enjoy the show and still find the humor in the article. Some folks have taken my rant VERY personally. Luckily for me, my kids are kind of over Sofia (and the idiots who attack me for disliking it only exist on the the internet, living under bridges of course). None of my kids 8767 new obsessions are pissing me off too much yet. I 8767 m sure I 8767 ll write about them when they do.

I hate the show for slightly different reasons than you do. The moment I heard the theme song for the first time I wanted to barf. Sofia has to 8775 figure out how to do it right 8776 ? While she attends a 8775 school that 8767 s just for royalty 8776 ? And find out what 8775 being royal 8767 s all about 8776 ? Sheesh. I know you 8767 re all about the princesses, Disney, but that 8767 s elitist crap even by your standards.

I am a 95 year old man, and watch this show with my daughter. I actually find it mildly entertaining.
I read your rant, and you have many good points, but I think you could probably pump the breaks a little bit. It is after all a cartoon for kids! Please don 8767 t review Gremlins, The Goonies, Back to the Future, Star Wars, or The Terminator as I enjoy these movies, and am aware there are loopholes all over the place. I feel as though you could probably get me turn against those movies if you really let loose with your reviews, and I don 8767 t want that.
I do realize what you did was in good fun, and I did get a good chuckle.

Im 66 and I loveee Sofia The First, I don 8767 t see why all of you people hate it lmao you probably just have insecurities an want to get them out somewhere xD but I don 8767 t see why y 8767 all sad ass Grown Ups take it out on a little kids Disney show that 8767 s just made me laugh how childish an dumb 8775 grown ups 8776 are

YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOOOOOOOOOW! Sorry My sister is trying to memorize the hundreds of songs in this series, half of which me and her have already memorized.

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