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Publication date: 2018-05-28 21:59

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So with all of this talk about cards and XP, exactly how much XP is required per level? I likened Steam to an 8775 RPG 8776 earlier thanks to this trading cards mechanic, but where it 8767 s not like an RPG is with its easy-to-follow XP table. There 8767 s none of this nonsense where the next level will require 88% more XP than the current and then the one after that requiring 55% or some other random percentage more.

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I mentioned above the fact that each game has 5 sets of cards to craft, but those 5 are the regular sets. There 8767 s an extra, called 8775 Foil 8776 . These sets don 8767 t earn you anything different from crafting, and still earn you the same amount of XP as a regular deck. Those who seek these out would be hardcore fans of that particular game, wanting to show off the more advanced badge on their profile. Because Foil cards are rarer than normal cards, it 8767 s not uncommon to see their values at least 5x that of a regular card.

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There are a couple of variables that come into play with card pricing, despite it all being chosen by the community. If a set of cards requires fewer cards to complete, the card values tend to be a bit higher and then the opposite is true. If a game is mega-popular and affordable, its card values are usually low ($-) if a game is popular but expensive, you 8767 ll see mid-range values ($) and if a game isn 8767 t priced too low and isn 8767 t that popular (in the grand scheme), those tend to be the most expensive ($+).

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When Valve introduced its trading cards mechanic on Steam this past May, I wasn 8767 t sure what to expect, or sure if anyone would care. After the recent summer sale wrapped-up, though, I realized that you should never underestimate Valve. For better or for worse, trading cards are intriguing, so we 8767 re taking a look at how it all works.

Do you have a lot of games in your Steam library that have card drops available, but not enough time to play them all? How great would it be to run a program before bed and wake up to an inventory full of Trading Cards? That's what Idle Master does.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Steam cards, and the sad realization that reaching a high level is either going to take an eternity, or cost you money (or earn you some if you couldn 8767 t care less about your level).

“Offworld Trading Company is a work of genius.”
5/5 – Quarter to Three

“This isn’t an RTS with the combat removed - it’s Wall Street on a new frontier. It kept me engaged because every choice is part of an ongoing battle.”
88/655 – PC Gamer

“The core mechanic – the market that acts as a malleable foundation on which every other system is built – is close to perfect.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

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