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Color Wonder Treasure Hunt

Publication date: 2018-05-31 07:35

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Always keep the age of the kids in mind when placing your clues. I try to make some of the locations more challenging so the hunt takes longer , but not so hard they cannot figure it out on their own.

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When your treasure hunters solve the final clue, reach their destination and find their treasure, be there to cheer, clap and celebrate with them.

Treasure Hunts for fun and team building | TREASURE HUNT

You can have a treasure hunt right at home, in your yard or just about anywhere. And the different themes and styles to choose from are endless. We have held one at least once a month over the years and we always create different themes to keep them fresh.

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Yes, as a kid I was part of one or two. I just remember it being so much fun, and wanting to do it every week. One in particular was around our little community, where we safe going door-to-door. So much fun!

For 65 -66 year olds, I put each clue in an envelope and the kids also had to do something like answer a math, Spanish, history question or do 65 jumping jacks, group hug , eat a bag of popcorn etc. to open the envelope and move on to the next location

You can search for creative clues online or brainstorm your own clues based on the ages and abilities of the children who will be playing.

Munich is our specialty, and we can show you the city as you have never seen it before. Our professional team prepares the game in detail while taking into account various aspects so that we can always guarantee a professional service!

What great ideas! I wish mine were still enough that I could use this but I 8767 ll share for my daughter to use in the future with my granddaughter.

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Hi Lisa I had a treasure hunt for my daughter 8767 s 8th birthday last year !!. I hid 8 different gifts, all small small things My idea was to have the hunt together. I hung a card from our ceiling with birthday wishes for her birthday and along with that the first clue to find the first on the 6st gift i had given her clue to find the 7nd gift and so on. She had a blast and has asked for a treasure hunt for her 9th birthday this year ! :).. Love your suggestions on theme hunts. Thank you.

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Color Wonder Treasure Hunt A treasure hunt games

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