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Publication date: 2018-06-06 14:47

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In any case, all the research that is forthcoming about their 8766 plans 8767 points to things that are very likely underway already.


The FED is your government trying to pass the reigns to the IMF. Bilderberg and the CFR control the media so this doesn 8767 t get on TV unless they say so. All nations are being bought and sold by multi-national corporations and banks behind the scenes. So stop with your tying Chemtrail/Contrail whatever with the FACT that there is a 8775 secret government 8776 globalizing everything right now. That 8767 s Disinfo even if it is unintentional.

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Who says the government has EVER asked permission or disclosed top secret activities to the public before carrying them out?

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Comments show up under the post they were posted on. They can take some time to be approved, a couple of days sometime, if I 8767 m away. But I think your comments are there, just look the 8775 Feedback 8776 section in the left column, your comments are listed there.

It sounds like clouds forming in the east, possibly with a lenticular cloud (the 8775 glob 8776 ), and then some contrails.

No need to debate the shadow government(s), just take that as read, and we 8767 ll go from there. This site is about contrails, and the chemtrail theory.

It did not involve persistent contrails and thus suggesting that because they used 7 planes to douse their population with bacteria is enough to evidence to conclude that every persistent contrail seen around the world is really 8775 sprayed 8776 does not make much- if any- sense.

Well, perhaps it is the dozen military and scientific programs which explicitly describe spraying stuff from planes, mixing with the fuel, etc

Well, now that I think about it they probably wouldn 8767 t accept the findings anyway. They have already made up their 8775 minds 8776 and no amount of evidence is going to change that.

Can you produce a valid test that shows the presence of either element in any appreciable amount ever being found in a contrail?

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:The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's All history channel games

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