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Publication date: 2018-04-22 00:23

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So you need a quick image file of a cartoon-like avatar? This is where you go. The site takes only a few moments to load (depending on your connection), and once it is up, you are ready to go. Of course, users will be selecting a gender for the character they are making. Afterwards, you get to go about your creation business in any way you want.

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Will Wright is at it again, and this time, instead of creating a Sim based on you, you get to mold a creature from the earliest stages of its biological growth to the pinnacle of its evolution. Spore takes you in control of a race, from its origins as a micro-organism to its dominance in the known galaxy. It is a vast game with a complex structure and has plenty to offer to those who love to create custom characters.

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The site is slow and the menus load individually, first time visitors will take a while to make their first character. Selection choices are limited and the character pose looks pretty stiff - especially for a super hero. We would have enjoyed a base body that had a dynamic or exaggerated pose - much like what you would expect to see in a comic book cover. Normally, because of downsides like these, a site would never really make it up to the top 65 on the list.

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But if your current gallery of headshots and profile pictures are not making you happy, or you simply want something new that stands out a little, or says a little more about you than a typical snapshot would, then you might want to try out one of these websites to help express yourself a little better.

If you&rsquo ve ever had the desire to furnish a pony with a variety of different looks and styles, you need look no further than Pony Creator. Never has a creature on four legs been so colourful or unique as when you&rsquo ve finished with the pony in this game. Apply a variety of colours, body types, manes, tails, and many more parts to make your own unique pony creation that is personal to you.

Aang is about to begin a trial that will definitely put his skills to the test. Help him stay on top of these pillars for as long as possible in this point and click action game.

While there is plenty of focus on the body type and the facial features, you do not get as many choices in terms of clothes - particularly for the legs and feet. The clothing colors can be selected, but the actual style is limited to just one for pants and shoes, and two for the top. At least the shirt gets plenty of decal choices - mostly images that refer to a lot of content seen in the Simpsons movie (we would have loved a nice big Duff Beer shirt logo).

Aside from its standalone launch, a limited version of the Creature Creator was packed into the SimCity Box. This version of the game is much like the original, except that it has far less options available (counting it all, there is only a fourth of the original content that has been added in).

There is a degree of limitations in terms of what you can put in and what you cannot, but fans of the Sega game (and the comics) will enjoy many of the accessories and parts that come from the many characters of the series. The Mecha-Sonic parts are all available and despite Knuckles being an echidna, his gloves and signature gear are also present. You will not be able to make Dr. Egg/Robotnik which is a bit of a letdown, as well as the fact that Tails' double foxtail is unavailable. Aside from that, players still get a wide range of choices for the custom hedgehog.

The actual creation process scores low in terms of fun factor. Users will have to move back and forth between option pages as they look for the matching features for their own character. Following the order of the site, you will be building your character from the head down. While this is the common practice for many, having it forced on you is a little unsettling. Sure, you can go back to previous selections in order to preview your later choices to see if the pieces match. But this takes a little more time than it should.

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Avatar Arena Game - Play online at Avatar games online world

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