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Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden | GameHouse

Publication date: 2018-04-20 18:47

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Use a bunch of brown paper lunch bags and place a different random item into each. Examples of items might be half of an apple, a spoon, a sponge, etc. Take turns passing the bags around and having each guest reach in without looking and see if they can guess what the item is

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You’ll need two matching tea pots and two matching tea cups. Divide guests into two equal teams. One player from each team is handed a full cup of water that they must hold on their head (they may balance with their hands the whole time, but the cup must be sitting atop their head) while they race over to their teams tea pot trying not to spill.

Watch Emily go through different stages in her life and meet Emily's sweet family and her supportive and fun friends. Follow Emily from her dream to have her own tea garden in Emily's Tea Garden to her wish to become famous in Emily's Taste of Fame. Or see how she follows her heart in Emily's True Love and witness her making wedding preparations in Emily's Wonder Wedding. This time management series will surely get you hooked in no time!

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For the Teabag Toss hand each guests five tea bags and have them try and toss them into an open tea pot a few feet away. You can add more than one teapot, and assign a point value for each pot. The player with the most points earned wins a prize.

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Keep your favors and prizes simple. Consider bookmarks, a tea cup, bundled tea bags, sample size cosmetics and scents, small notebooks, keychains (for adults), and coin purses. Although you do not need to give prizes for games, doing so adds to the fun. Consider a bag to give each guest as they leave with a sweet treat, tea bag, and one or two other small items.

Check it out and let me help you put any of your beginner concerns to rest. If you still have questions, give me a shout.

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Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden | GameHouse Games play tea party

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