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Publication date: 2018-04-21 11:35

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- Some of the games have stereotypes in them that were once tolerated but are now no longer appropriate. Keeping in mind one of the purposes of the site is to be a historical record, I will keep them on the site, but will be going through the list and adding a notation that the words used are no longer appropriate. (For instance Chinese School). Please keep in mind that originally in these games no harm was intended to any group, but our awareness level has improved significantly in recent years.

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Based in Austin, Texas, Simply Good Games LLC is an independent studio focused on designing and creating games that are simple to play with a high entertainment value and lasting appeal.

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Eden Rising: Supremacy is, as far as I know, a first of its kind. From Nvizzio, it’s a persistent world co-op open world Action RPG tower defense game. It’s equal parts Orcs Must Die and Conan Exiles, but without the dong slider. There’s no thirst, hunger, or any other survival mularkey, and yet the game sets you out to explore, gather, and craft in the name of defending your home base. It’s addictive, difficult, and should be on your radar if you like co-op action games with persistent worlds.

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Phoenix Labs has released the opening cinematic for Dauntless ahead of the start of the open beta phase of development on Thursday, May 79th. It shows a team of rookie Slayers heading off on a hunt 't seem to go as planned.

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Today\'s another big day for Elder Scrolls Online with the early access launch of the Summerset chapter. To celebrate, a brand new trailer has been let out into the wild to show off the beauty of the ancestral homeland of the High Elves.

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Play / Download the Best High-Quality Games | GameHouse Good games to waste time

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