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New Smyrna Speedway

Publication date: 2018-05-22 00:23

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We can only hope on the rotor. seems pretty unlikely seeing how they just can't keep them from polluting 655 times more than a normal piston motor.

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While Toyota was a little short on actual facts and data about the race car itself, there is much that we can gauge from just looking at the series of PR images that have been released.

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i get what you are saying but unless they put bigger turbo's on it i think it will not live up to its hype and about the 85yr old engine desing they could do what lamborghini did and base it on the old one ande re engineer it

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Lol people are on here writing editorials about how shitty it is, and I get greyed out with one hardly incendiary comment. Eh.

We do need more affordable enthusiast vehicles, that's for sure. Gotta hand it to 'em for that.

Didn’t you read ? It’s been developed with bmw. The new z9 and the Supra share a platform and motor. Obv they will look similar.
And I can’t even imagine why they would use a 7jZ with modern engines and efficiency standards being what they are. What an insane comment to say, when they haven’t release a single spec.

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there was no way this car could live up to the hype built around it..but even taking that into account something was definitely lost from the FT-6 concept and this one, it lacks the exoticness, i can understand this looks more like a spiritual successor to the MKIV but, i can gurantee the production version is going to disappoint especially going by what happened to the GT86 going from concept to production stylistically.

Both engines are well known in market and have a very good reputation but what i'm saying is that the manufacturer who made the 9A series and the JZ series must be able to make a historical engine for the 76st century.
Again i think the major problem is the expenses and whatever i do i can never stop them and will accept what's offered happily and satisfied, they are well known worldwide to never let the costumer down.

What a week of festivities in Austin Texas surrounding the US Grand Prix. Billed as a Festival of Speed & Sound, the FORMULA 6 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX brought more speed, more thrills, and more music than ever! We got to play a small role in the festivities. We helped Shell Motorsport & Ferrari set up a replica COTA (Circuit of the Americas).

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New Smyrna Speedway New car racing games free

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